On THe Road AGAIn

half-hour dramedy
The 2008 Recession: Those responsible are still raking in millions while meanwhile, countless regular folks lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings. And if you’re over 65, the American Dream can become the American Nightmare. But an increasing number of seniors finding themselves shit out of luck are selling all their possessions, buying whatever mobile home they can afford and hitting the road, doing odd jobs while living for less. Harpers Magazine reported on this growing movement of“workampers”… folks in their 60s and 70s who have no pension on which to retire. Like the migrant workers right out of a Steinbeck novel, only with iPhones and solar-powered modems, workampers move from one seasonal job to another… harvesting beets, collecting tickets at NASCAR, scrubbing toilets at national parks. Many have blogs where they share tips and post about their life on the road. “Screw the system,” they say. And they don't just talk the talk. They walk the walk. In fact, they’re ON THE ROAD AGAIN…

ON THE ROAD AGAIN is half-hour dramedy about MARISA, a sexy high-powered Wall Street attorney, who’s forced to hide out from the SEC in her idea of Hell… a desert encampment of retirement-age RV-dwellers… aging hippies, geezer libertarians, former civil servants, laid-off corporate executives, Vietnam Vets, poets, fortune tellers, revolutionaries, misfits and others whom Capitalism has failed.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN is a fish-out-of-water story… only this particular fish was once a shark and is now suddenly dependent on her former lunchmeat. ON THE ROAD AGAIN is also about how a stable eco-system can be thrown out of balance when a red-hot younger woman enters the scene. Think Barbara Stanwyck in Howard Hawk’s BALL OF FIRE. Or SNOW WHITE, only the Seven Dwarfs are in their 60s and 70s. And Snow White? She arrives in the heels of discovering -- on a boozy Las Vegas weekend -- that her boss, and fiancé of almost a year, is already married!

In ON THE ROAD AGAIN’s first season, we follow Marisa as she butts heads with some members of this community, while forming deep bonds with others. This season also features a ticking clock as the SEC gets closer to discovering her location. Each episode also includes flashbacks showing, one at a time, how each main character ended up living in his or her vehicle. Their pasts include sex, violence and plenty of secrets. Think ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, only the prison is the economy. 


half-hour dramedy
GAY LIKE MOM follows Emily’s quest for true love now that she’s decided to be gay. It’s a perfectly logical choice, given the last guy she was with, Dylan, was a total dick. Now the asshole’s trying to steal her survival job as a newborn photographer. Men suck. Plus Emily’s lesbian mother and her partner of many years are getting married, leaving Emily feeling abandoned. “See how happy they are!” she tells herself. But after pissing off her first-ever lady lover, striking out with the lesbian crowd in general and hurting her bestie Angel, who's not-so-secretly in love with her, Emily’s new love life suffers the same old drama.